Friday, January 11, 2008

Exciting wiggle of my life

Here I am after along hiatus writing this post.When I wrote my last post I distinctly recollect somewhere in the back of my mind that I promised myself that I will keep penning down my experiences every calender week but life was like squirming all these past months as if it was under some spell or conjuration .I had sinusoidal mood swinging all the time and got first hand experience of how one’s frame of mind can change out and out within minutes sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse when I was like combating with Indian passport office and german embassy for my intern trip to germany. Finally I won the skirmish just one day before my going .

It has been pretty exciting this last months I’ve travelled a lot …, made my first trip to the Germany, seen palaces and evangelish cathedrals of dresden, seen the country side beauty of Waiswesser, seen enthralling match of ice hockey LIVE between berlin and waiswasser ,seen the reflections of blue glimmering with fireworks in the coursing Albe on silveaster, had gifts in my shoes (strange but lively tradition u know)from Santa claus at nicolas party,had a lot of puddings nd chocolate desserts in the menza ,had two beers wid 2 shots at christmas party( but unlike a tyro didnt feel drunk at all),seen augustus castles where he used to enamor girls , hanging on at parties till 4 in the morning, nd yaa cherished the rock for the first time ( crucial to mention for ardent pop buffs like me) nd how can i bury my most interesting experience here with out telling u guys....arranging a B'day party for my frd and cooking the indish cuisines.Sometimes I felt really unlike anish :-)

So this is just a warm up blog because I felt the hangdog and shamefaced air around me for neglecting this space these last months. I will come up with a decent post very shortly if I dont get so lethargic to come here again :P