Saturday, May 29, 2010

Passion of a High School kid II

It was already twilight when Bekir came back from the flashback footage from yesterday and the beacon of sky turned from radiant gold to dark bronze taking away the sheen of the lake. Floral scents began to waft around from fragrant orchids with cool weather making aroma from petals evaporate slower. Birds were chirping as high as their larynxes could license.

The surroundings began to coalesce in darkness and he was drowned in the mélange of sentiment implosion. He felt an invisible burden pouring down making him befuddled.

“I should tell Cosku about it. It seems like a disease, equivalent to mind-fuck. He being my childhood buddy will definitely have some panacea”.

“Or maybe not, my chances seem remote. Aylin is already hooked up with a dandy hunk. Why would she like the geeky spectacle bearing – chubby cheeked-braced tooth Bekir”.

“But girls like intelligent and fast guys; I am much more mobile and strategic than Ali in the sport. She seemed imprinted, at least a little bit, may be / may be not”.

“I don’t have an experience!!!!!”

“Everyone starts as beginner .Stay calm. Keep faring. For the harder you try, the closer you go. ” His teacher’s words echoed deep.

“Cosku has to shape up the script of my love story”, he felt like a protagonist to act in a play for a moment.

Thoughts kept pouring in and continued to tickle down……………..

Ultimately the thought stream geared towards talking with Cosku which untangled the knot in the stomach and the laughter unrolled.

Next Morning…..

Off on the rolls of his skateboard, he headed to Mustafa Kemal Sahil Blvd. to meet Cosku. Coksu was involved with his cousin Alain playing Frisby and learning different throws. Watching Bekir dashing in to the yard, he called him to join them but Bekir’s modality gave him the hint of his queasiness.

Everything comes so naturally to me, I have never put in any effort. It’s the first time I have this feeling of queasiness which keeps on harping,” explained Bekir.

“Your brain evolved super cool but this is where it left behind. This is a not a programming assignment you will finish in a couple of minutes and get over with it,” Cosku laughed.

“Does this work?” Bekir did a cool somersault in the air.

“Dude, just use your brains to impress her with some cool stuff.” said Cosku.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passion of a High School kid I

Bekir dropped a pebble in water producing a splash scaring the floating ducklings. He was pinching himself in disbelief how he was spending whole past month of his vacations gaming and suddenly lay off and left off with queasiness, only musing about a blonde girl whom he met yesterday. It was the last breath of constancy in a gale of change.

His mom called him to get ready and eat breakfast soon. This was the day of grade announcement for junior high and like every other day of school, his friend Cosku came to company him. Bekir always packed a happy-go-lucky attitude and knew he would sweep through easily. Bekir never cared about grades but somehow his brains prophesied to do the magicke and evolved to snag a bargain with his laziness. The wizardry again maneuvered to make him the topper taking Cosku by surprise who could never understand this affair even being his closest friend since childhood. Cosku even being an untiring guy could never beat him.

On the spur of the moment Cosku came up with an idea of catching up with some girls from another school supposed to attend grade announcement on the same day. This was purportedly the most famous school in Izmir and guys always tried to hook up with girls from there. When he urged on Bekir to accompany him, he gave a nay response ideating of a new counter strike game his father promised to get him if he aced. When again japed about his straightness,Bekir nonchalantly agreed and accompanied Cosku to swan lake.

It was very unlike Bekir to broach conversation with girls being always involved with geeky computer games or soccer. He was caught attention of this green eyed blonde girl sitting by the lake who chanced to know Bekir as a gallant player of soccer from Izmir high school. After all, she was the foremost cheer leader of Manisa high and their team discomfited because of Bekir’s last minute goal making him despised but imprinted among whole cheer lead squad. This happened when their captain kicked the ball with a bending crossing pass that kissed the grass a foot in front of Aylin’s boy friend, alone on the right side near the edge of the box. All of a sudden, Bekir materialized out of nowhere with a bang and got his right foot on the ball, netting the ball right across the dumbfound goal keeper.

She came over to talk about yesterday but being always casual about girls he didn’t recognize her. Watching her walking over instilled in him a fear of fumbling with words, losing control over facial muscles and senses. He felt so clueless for a second when she complimented him as if he forgot about everything and then blushed afterward.