Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soup of sensations

God gave art as a contraption to mortals which not only hold reveling but a therapeutic touch too. Art is a conveyance for each emotional reflection of our self. It soothes your inner and acts as a vent for stress. Percussionist beat the drum sticks to alleviate d tensions, painters wid sketch board nd brush, dancers perform rhythmical movements to musical accompaniment and we bloggers pen down our emotions as my fellow blogger principessa mentioned in her recent blog.
“Onion soup sustains. The process of making it is somewhat like the process of learning which requires commitment, extraordinary effort, time, and will make you cry.”
Emotional vegetables are cooked in d pot of life. Lots of new sees and receives season it regularly to attune its taste. The final flavor depends upon how and how much seasoning was done which depends on how sportingly the situations were handled.
Life is like finding missing pieces of the mosaic; the pattern of which is settled on by the environs we sustain in. Our ideology of life is molded from what we hear from people around us .Reading from great men can fill up the absence of intelligentsia in surrounds. That was my greatest motivation of leaving DCE and gearing up for JEE preparation once again. De facto, being wid d best can drastically modify from what we are. I am very unlike school time anish after all these college years. From various go through wid peers I switched from idealistic to a more practical way of life.From acquirement of haute couture to career goal setting, I have learnt many things from friends and seniors.
Once again a transition comes ; I have to pack my satchels for a new tryst with destiny. This time it’s different. I have to leave my home, friends and parents behind and look forward to the debut of the new life where the protective shed of my parents doesn’t exist anymore. A feeling of hollowness creeps in somewhere which has be filled wid being independent soon. There will be no more leg pulling from smarty, no bakar sessions wid ot & mota and no more strolls wid skinny. All the memories seem distant and sealed up in d can of college batka zindagii.
This every day roster of packing seems interesting. Everyday a new one pops out of nowhere leading me wid bro to alleys of Sadar Bazaar or Chandigarh sometimes. Rain adds fun to this shopping affair these days. It’s sunny and then suddenly it looks like one of those Mordor scenes from Peter Jackson's LOTR with a wall of melancholy clouds covering up every bit of the sky .The belching clouds with lightening strikes soak us to the core .When the drenched bodies feel chilly gales, it’s amazing. I am really gonna to miss these dazz finishing in a week.Dancing and keyboards will be replaced by pens and books again .
Poster le Manuscrit: Enjoy the life to d fullest learning different lessons as it comes to you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shades of merriment

Life comes with multifarious shades as reads out my blog name. Sometimes it’s really fagging and unfruitful. You convince yourself that all of life’s beauty has been sucked out but then you feel so colourful, so livening happens that you wish you could share it with the whole world .Mine also acquired all sorts of nuances all these times .Eventually it got revel tinge with my admit offer from UT.

This tinge got fully injected in spirit since my jaunt in chilly winds of rishikesh. I started off from Roorkee in fractured bus wid smarty and skinny which finally landed after 4 hours. Devouring italiano pasta, pizza and pan cakes made worn spirits more drowsy but phlegm at last gave in to fervor wen jests from smarty enlivened our spirits. Aroma of booze opened up d long closed vent of restrained skinny’s heart and his slackened tongue finally gave in d most awaited privy details. All missing links fell in to place and skinny was admired for his guts at last.

We did clicks in many amusing poses to can the memories of our last trip together. Magical music gave a feeling of fading away in the enraptured winds and d beer brought all reminiscences of schooner at flower-power in Deutcheland. Couple of vodka shots freed tied tongues for d rest of d night.

Heaven's paintbrush changed the hues of sky from pitch black to violet to inky indigo to cobalt and finally to pale blue.Morning breeze evoked drooling spirits to advance towards d beach to sense the serenity of dawn on d banks of ganges. This sojourn gave a can-full of memories to last wid me for years. At last, hangovers gave bouts of sleep to skinny nd smarty for d rest of d day and I came back at my parents place.

Rescued from onus of academics, its after four years that I am staying this long wid my parents and school friends savoring home food and enjoying siestas every day. Advent of my new career will be demanding ,dont know how many snags lay ahead .loads of pressure to perform so that prof angel bestows d TA’s nd RA’s in my empty lap. So these hols have been sort of a reprieve for me.

After coming back, I took dance classes on gurh nal ishq mitha for 4 dazz for the engagement party of my sis. It didn’t turn out to be embarrassing as I thought it would be( according to ppl at d party Ofcourse they were not flexible moves :D),motivation of which paved the way for learning hip-hop and western.

Dance pe chance mar le was the start up song which echoed the sound of my heart and gave me d motivation for obvious reasons. Though I cant flounce like hip hop guys & rigid torso cant become MJ’s in 2 months but yeah I leaned a few steps for a change.

Some interesting events happened in the come throughs though. Performing stunt stuff gave sprain to d thigh and I was reserved for the trip wid friends for vaishno devi. It turned out to be an adventurous sashay for me on sinuous paths confronting torrential rains and landslides wid stick in hand. Kindaa felt an achievement to reach d shrine that day.

Yeah I also bettered on my Lita skills as smarty always pressed me to.Racket games especially tennis interested me and luca filled me wid d root knowledge of d game(I didnt know much abt it before :D No offence).With everyday chats wid luca on go throughs of d match I hooked up in it and felt so many years being wasted not following d game.Hail fedex,he pushes himself till the limits no one has gone to. This guy is so consistent,allows no room for mistakes.No wonder,he has got half world as his ardent buff.

In the meanwhile I also tormented my parents with stupid notes and exercises on the keyboard supposed to be learnt before you can start playing any song. My classes are finishing this week but all I could learn was few tit-bits of a song Azzeb dastan hai yeh which kindaa pictures my life along these dazz.

PS : No offence wid devised names :D

PPS: Holidaz could have made a real difference if I could grab all talents around me like peter petrelli from heroes :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Morsels of yesteryear

After a long abatement, m coming to this familiar nook to open myself and it seems a little tricky to put all things together that happened in interim.
So I left off filling out my sees and feels of deutschland. It was d ripest time of my life for fun, frolic nd everything .Following 2 years came with lots of cheers, surprises and dashing times too.
Internship at INRIA came with an opportunity to bask at the beaches of French coast appreciating French beauty. Photography is about capturing the soul of a moment, when I met my chinese friend liang liang, I realised that I could use the opportunity and learn from him. So along with being in front of the camera I slogged behind it as well. Every weekend came up with an itinerary of some rustic or romatic place in france. I took a sojourn in Paris to enjoy the lighted night ship view of cathedrals, museums on d islands of seine and finally meet smug monalisa wid baby angels all around standing on d walls of louvre. This four day jaunt ended up with at Fête Nationale on the Champs-Élysées avenue in Paris where aero planes were somersaulting & came out with flying colors of blue white nd red. Evening sky was glimmering wid a lot of fireworks and light waves of Eiffel. Music concert added the fun fuel and made it a field day.
From holistic perspective, this internship provided me with a good technical expertise being with scientists performing top notch research and a blend of cultural expo wid my French and Russian mentors & Chinese friend as a fellowship.
With the finale of d French trip came d most operose sem for d electrical junta wid lots of lab nd tut attyachar all d week . On top of it the scary dementor exams of GRE nd TOEFL sucked the remnants of what was left of me. Pick out the universities for apping was another involved ceremony to be carried right after GRE exam. Then came d sire of all these small chores of d sem, penning down your whole life so as it spirits like u survived every part of it to get in to computer vision. Two of my angel friends gave it a rhyme and sprightliness. Next step in the ladder was filling out the forms during end semester preparations which wouldn’t have been possible without guardian angels of IITR. So seventh semester was spent in New York minutes just by alternating between these chores.I wished Prof McGonagall would have given the time clock locket to me rather than Hermione to be at different places at same time.
Despite knowing that outcome of apping is Anyone's Call I decided not to sit for placements& grabbed a monthful of vacations.It had its own consequences, next sem was a trying one for me,I had to hold my horses all d time wen all grad junta started getting accepts and I had nothing in d bag.
Thanks to US nd India being in different time meridian and inhuman grad committees,I turned to be a nocturnal insomniac. After getting 9 rejects and no hope from last one I had nowhere to resort to. But somehow stars conspired in helping me out nd bestowed wid an accept from UT Austin.
Academics for last sem was a lower hanging fruit and reached grand finale easily .Let’s see what future has in store for me.