Sunday, September 23, 2007

Victory from father’s perspective

Hovering over the various channels after seeing the yesterdays splendiferous match I held on the ESPN sports televising interview with mr yograj singh(father of yuvi) gladdened with the recent victory of his son making 70 runs in 30 balls stepping kangroos (reckoned to be the best team :D )outside the world cup tournament. Admittedly Yuvi has loins share in bringing India to the semi finals making six successive shots against England leaving all flabbergasted and the striking victory against Australia ofcourse.

Its other thing that this father has not seen even a single match of his son but aspiring to see one live match in the stadium when his son yuvi will come the captain of our Indian team.

Wishing his gud luck to all the Indian team he aspired the children of this mother land bring her the long cherished world cup and heal her wounds of shoot down in previous world cup.

Lets see whether the destiny of India will tryst with success…………..

Whether the cherished dreams of a father and the whole nation would be fulfilled ..........

lets hope for the best

kudos to the indian team.......

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Childhood lost and childhood regained

For some days thinking..of kinda stuff on which my blogger frds could mull over..

Finally came out with a one when I was skimming times today about the long CV of a 13 year old kid who has walked on the tightrope of circus to boiling cocoons from 3am to midnite without any breaks lest there is power cut for which he hoped.
Though he can still amaze you by sprinting in a true circus style but its his skills with the brush that this keen blossoming artist wants to show off now.
Having already found many adorers for his work he is financing the education of his two rag pickers friends also.

It’s the very transformation that very few of the million children could make out. Looking behind the lens at children who are toiling away in life with virtually no breaks, meager pay and no food and still coming out with something so innovative.
Even when we are provided with the regales of life we are still cribbin…on each and every small thing that’s not provided to us .He made a tryst with his destiny and emerged successful in his life. Why cant we excel with the mammoth opportunities which life has catered for us.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Unwitting Japanese invasion

Dedicated to ground floor poly (chudu ,mr and mrs tg,rastogi ji)

My chat box is spewing out second post on the same day only but tempted to write

this ……

With everybody shrieking of americanisation of culture in recent times, visit the Ravindra bhawan IIT Rorrkee and u will get an altogether different scenario.

Our electrical engineers , the people we tend to call the brains of our country, are totally hooked to Japanese cartoons (or 'anime', as a diehard fan would force me to say) like NARUTO and comics ('manga', for that fan).

Comics and cartoons are fun you think. That's true. However, the fan doesn't just stop with them.As our chudu( Anubhav Sinha) says , the Japanese have a distinct touch of their history and culture in their comics and cartoons. And our fans who dote over these, also come to dote over Japanese history, clothing, language... basically the entire Japanese culture.

Well, the credit goes to the Japanese for their creative abilities and our ground floor poly for appreciating their audacity ‘nd intellect .If this catches on globally, we'll basically be seeing a global urge to learn about different cultures; and that is nothing but good.

Kudos to this new face of globalization and our ground floor poly for sure.

Expecting to have comments from all of u ‘nd all four of ground poly ……………

Friday, September 7, 2007

Dawn of emotions

Will I keep wondering for ever? The words that are waiting to come out… the words that have waited for so long! The vent for the tempest in me….

Finally my views gushing out in a stream of the blog world I was fully novice

till moment but speculative to enter in after going through the blog of gr8 personality of our IIT PDM………

So here I am writing my first blog about the emotions I felt when I realized that I am no more a sophomore and entering in to new era of my life ……

Emotions- love, sorrow, romance, passion, pain- they have all dawned upon me in the last few days with such a ferocious intensity that my tiny being was left perplexed yet undaunted despite all the atrocities inflicted on the ever unsure self of mine

Yet it has been buried inside me for the last 3 months; I continue to be a mystery for my soul can’t interact alone; it needs others to reciprocate….

But what if there is something ere the end… what about the possibility of reciprocation…

I want u guys to share ur experiences about how u felt when u crossed this stage of ur life…….how u felt like