Sunday, September 23, 2007

Victory from father’s perspective

Hovering over the various channels after seeing the yesterdays splendiferous match I held on the ESPN sports televising interview with mr yograj singh(father of yuvi) gladdened with the recent victory of his son making 70 runs in 30 balls stepping kangroos (reckoned to be the best team :D )outside the world cup tournament. Admittedly Yuvi has loins share in bringing India to the semi finals making six successive shots against England leaving all flabbergasted and the striking victory against Australia ofcourse.

Its other thing that this father has not seen even a single match of his son but aspiring to see one live match in the stadium when his son yuvi will come the captain of our Indian team.

Wishing his gud luck to all the Indian team he aspired the children of this mother land bring her the long cherished world cup and heal her wounds of shoot down in previous world cup.

Lets see whether the destiny of India will tryst with success…………..

Whether the cherished dreams of a father and the whole nation would be fulfilled ..........

lets hope for the best

kudos to the indian team.......

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Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe...gud work now what do we have ...annie the newsreader!!!!!! lol!!!