Saturday, September 8, 2007

Unwitting Japanese invasion

Dedicated to ground floor poly (chudu ,mr and mrs tg,rastogi ji)

My chat box is spewing out second post on the same day only but tempted to write

this ……

With everybody shrieking of americanisation of culture in recent times, visit the Ravindra bhawan IIT Rorrkee and u will get an altogether different scenario.

Our electrical engineers , the people we tend to call the brains of our country, are totally hooked to Japanese cartoons (or 'anime', as a diehard fan would force me to say) like NARUTO and comics ('manga', for that fan).

Comics and cartoons are fun you think. That's true. However, the fan doesn't just stop with them.As our chudu( Anubhav Sinha) says , the Japanese have a distinct touch of their history and culture in their comics and cartoons. And our fans who dote over these, also come to dote over Japanese history, clothing, language... basically the entire Japanese culture.

Well, the credit goes to the Japanese for their creative abilities and our ground floor poly for appreciating their audacity ‘nd intellect .If this catches on globally, we'll basically be seeing a global urge to learn about different cultures; and that is nothing but good.

Kudos to this new face of globalization and our ground floor poly for sure.

Expecting to have comments from all of u ‘nd all four of ground poly ……………


CoOlBoY said...

mr. doubt again in confusion......
well the post describes chuddu and none else...... no relevance to ground floor polly

pls. read the ques. paper carefully before attempting :P

Aditya said...

First of all who is mrs tg?? :P

I have talked to some of the people who under this Japanese invasion and it seems that they are in a world of their own when they start talking about it and they also even encourage me to start watching them...hopefully ill start :D anyways apart from the Japanese there is a stronger American invasion (read friends,south park, Heroes..the list goes on and on..) i guess.....

note:i myself am not able to understand the point of this comment ;) hope you do :P

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

Ohh mann....these animes...duhh!!!
I have 2 words for em... BAH HUMBUG!!!!!!
why delve into an undecipherable language n seek solace in words like "Dattebayo" when u have so much 2 do in lyf!!!!!!!

annie said...

no doubt our cool boy or pseudo grd floor poly felt offended of being left out
Didnt want the bolg to be verbose
thats why added a few lines about the most experienced in this field chudu only

the comment by cool boy will be more intelligible to the ravindra elecs

Yups aupsy
i fully agree with u in this aspect
why delve in to undecipherable lang
when u have so many amazing to do at hand.....