Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shades of merriment

Life comes with multifarious shades as reads out my blog name. Sometimes it’s really fagging and unfruitful. You convince yourself that all of life’s beauty has been sucked out but then you feel so colourful, so livening happens that you wish you could share it with the whole world .Mine also acquired all sorts of nuances all these times .Eventually it got revel tinge with my admit offer from UT.

This tinge got fully injected in spirit since my jaunt in chilly winds of rishikesh. I started off from Roorkee in fractured bus wid smarty and skinny which finally landed after 4 hours. Devouring italiano pasta, pizza and pan cakes made worn spirits more drowsy but phlegm at last gave in to fervor wen jests from smarty enlivened our spirits. Aroma of booze opened up d long closed vent of restrained skinny’s heart and his slackened tongue finally gave in d most awaited privy details. All missing links fell in to place and skinny was admired for his guts at last.

We did clicks in many amusing poses to can the memories of our last trip together. Magical music gave a feeling of fading away in the enraptured winds and d beer brought all reminiscences of schooner at flower-power in Deutcheland. Couple of vodka shots freed tied tongues for d rest of d night.

Heaven's paintbrush changed the hues of sky from pitch black to violet to inky indigo to cobalt and finally to pale blue.Morning breeze evoked drooling spirits to advance towards d beach to sense the serenity of dawn on d banks of ganges. This sojourn gave a can-full of memories to last wid me for years. At last, hangovers gave bouts of sleep to skinny nd smarty for d rest of d day and I came back at my parents place.

Rescued from onus of academics, its after four years that I am staying this long wid my parents and school friends savoring home food and enjoying siestas every day. Advent of my new career will be demanding ,dont know how many snags lay ahead .loads of pressure to perform so that prof angel bestows d TA’s nd RA’s in my empty lap. So these hols have been sort of a reprieve for me.

After coming back, I took dance classes on gurh nal ishq mitha for 4 dazz for the engagement party of my sis. It didn’t turn out to be embarrassing as I thought it would be( according to ppl at d party Ofcourse they were not flexible moves :D),motivation of which paved the way for learning hip-hop and western.

Dance pe chance mar le was the start up song which echoed the sound of my heart and gave me d motivation for obvious reasons. Though I cant flounce like hip hop guys & rigid torso cant become MJ’s in 2 months but yeah I leaned a few steps for a change.

Some interesting events happened in the come throughs though. Performing stunt stuff gave sprain to d thigh and I was reserved for the trip wid friends for vaishno devi. It turned out to be an adventurous sashay for me on sinuous paths confronting torrential rains and landslides wid stick in hand. Kindaa felt an achievement to reach d shrine that day.

Yeah I also bettered on my Lita skills as smarty always pressed me to.Racket games especially tennis interested me and luca filled me wid d root knowledge of d game(I didnt know much abt it before :D No offence).With everyday chats wid luca on go throughs of d match I hooked up in it and felt so many years being wasted not following d game.Hail fedex,he pushes himself till the limits no one has gone to. This guy is so consistent,allows no room for mistakes.No wonder,he has got half world as his ardent buff.

In the meanwhile I also tormented my parents with stupid notes and exercises on the keyboard supposed to be learnt before you can start playing any song. My classes are finishing this week but all I could learn was few tit-bits of a song Azzeb dastan hai yeh which kindaa pictures my life along these dazz.

PS : No offence wid devised names :D

PPS: Holidaz could have made a real difference if I could grab all talents around me like peter petrelli from heroes :)


PRIncipessa said...

hey shakespeare,
You have done what i think, evry blogger from our campus should do, viz. write about a Rishikesh trip.

This place has some power to touch souls.
Congrats on joining the Club

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

man...u seem to be having one roller coaster ride... dance pe chance maaroing.. i say US jaane se pehle love pe bhi chance maaroing ;)

annie said...

Yeah I was looking forward to do it sometime.Very true this place touches d souls.

No luck is still going on :D

Anonymous said...

awesome bro.......this is one hell of a blog...esp becoz i m the only one who could appreciate the "merriment" that happened :P.....who's luca be......neways this was a long overdue from atleast one of us and i was thrilled to have read it....mast likha hai launde....made me go thru all the pics once again.....keep up the good work.....i think its about time i start blogging but then again that thought has crossed my mind so many times...keep inspiring me like this :)

annie said...

Thanx a lot for itni sari appreciation.

This post meant a lot to me,was just figuring out to put d awesome experience in words.

Luca is akash ; elec junior(woh cute bacha),being a footy freak I named him after luca modric.He is true lita guy.kafi kuch batata rehta hai woh

m looking forward to reading something from you soon.It would be great to have you in our blogger community. :-)