Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Soup of sensations

God gave art as a contraption to mortals which not only hold reveling but a therapeutic touch too. Art is a conveyance for each emotional reflection of our self. It soothes your inner and acts as a vent for stress. Percussionist beat the drum sticks to alleviate d tensions, painters wid sketch board nd brush, dancers perform rhythmical movements to musical accompaniment and we bloggers pen down our emotions as my fellow blogger principessa mentioned in her recent blog.
“Onion soup sustains. The process of making it is somewhat like the process of learning which requires commitment, extraordinary effort, time, and will make you cry.”
Emotional vegetables are cooked in d pot of life. Lots of new sees and receives season it regularly to attune its taste. The final flavor depends upon how and how much seasoning was done which depends on how sportingly the situations were handled.
Life is like finding missing pieces of the mosaic; the pattern of which is settled on by the environs we sustain in. Our ideology of life is molded from what we hear from people around us .Reading from great men can fill up the absence of intelligentsia in surrounds. That was my greatest motivation of leaving DCE and gearing up for JEE preparation once again. De facto, being wid d best can drastically modify from what we are. I am very unlike school time anish after all these college years. From various go through wid peers I switched from idealistic to a more practical way of life.From acquirement of haute couture to career goal setting, I have learnt many things from friends and seniors.
Once again a transition comes ; I have to pack my satchels for a new tryst with destiny. This time it’s different. I have to leave my home, friends and parents behind and look forward to the debut of the new life where the protective shed of my parents doesn’t exist anymore. A feeling of hollowness creeps in somewhere which has be filled wid being independent soon. There will be no more leg pulling from smarty, no bakar sessions wid ot & mota and no more strolls wid skinny. All the memories seem distant and sealed up in d can of college batka zindagii.
This every day roster of packing seems interesting. Everyday a new one pops out of nowhere leading me wid bro to alleys of Sadar Bazaar or Chandigarh sometimes. Rain adds fun to this shopping affair these days. It’s sunny and then suddenly it looks like one of those Mordor scenes from Peter Jackson's LOTR with a wall of melancholy clouds covering up every bit of the sky .The belching clouds with lightening strikes soak us to the core .When the drenched bodies feel chilly gales, it’s amazing. I am really gonna to miss these dazz finishing in a week.Dancing and keyboards will be replaced by pens and books again .
Poster le Manuscrit: Enjoy the life to d fullest learning different lessons as it comes to you.

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