Sunday, August 9, 2009

Parting blues Trilogy - I

Things were going so chirpy perky for the last 2 months as anything one day, I was left pinching myself in disbelief that I had been leaving after a week.

So this whole affair of au revoir has fetched in grief and rendered my thorax dysfunctional for the whole week .Eventually I have flown and sitting down here beside the huge glass window basking in the sun rays of Frankurt dawn to blog down my experiences of parting.

It formally started off with my one day jaunt to alma mater which was kind of a fill in for earlier plan. Previous plan for R-Land cum Badrinath shrine got hay wired when all of a sudden the connecting bridge break danced in the torrential rains.

Embarked on the last journey to R-Land before leaving India, I started off with my cousin in the morning visiting the family goddess temple situated in the hearts of a village located on foothills of Shivalik ranges. A sense of serenity settled in watching the lush green fields basking in the sunshine and people involved in paddy planting. Unswayed by the gadarene city life, serenity prevailed everywhere with harum-scarum kids running tires with a stick in their hands. I always wonder if I had a home in village where I could come to spend my vacations. Eventually we reached the temple and somehow goddess prophesied an easy pass without holding us off in long queues which is kind of usual in Hindu shrines. We spent quality half an hour in the lawns of the temple and then headed towards R Land.

DĂ©jeuner with luca nd C.RED pumped up energy in the exhausted spirits and we steered off towards R campus. There is something about going back to familiar lands and squeamishness. I felt like I have just returned from another vacation to the consecrated R Land for a new start again. I felt like going to S-31 and again settle down in my room with chirping elec mec junta on the floor. Same calls for bhupi soup magi layo,bhupi ek ban panga ,ek poha,parantha, it was like past flashing back and all reminiscences of long bakar sessions with smarty and casual visits to skinny’s room on the way to wee-weeing. Then I met my juniors and OT dude in nescii, the only eating joint of our campus. Then principessa companied me to our favorite (smarty’s especially) hangout of the last sem CCD and all memories of chapos and cricket matches came back. I longed for a breath of constancy in the gale of change.

Dance class also rendered a lot of memories to last for a life time. My instructors and friends arranged a surprise tea party and gave me farewell presents with extended photo sessions followed by a play shoot me acting as a victim of a rape from an 8 yr old culprit. It gave me reminiscence of my embarrassing ragging incident where I was supposed to act as a pregnant girl in front of the hostel warden and persuade him for room allotment in a hostel being unable to commute everyday .A blot on my character made it hell difficult to convince I being spoiling others and then shortage of rooms was another constraint. It turned out to be interesting being the whole senior group sitting in the garden and me acting with one of my batch mate turned warden.

Hence came the last day when my family including cousins companied to see me off at the airport, visiting my cousins living on the way and last photo clicks with them. A feeling of emptiness crept in w.hen I was entering the gate number 1 of IGI airport.

PS: Acknowledgements to principessa to come up with an idea of trilogy. Seemed appealing at the first place.


PRIncipessa said...

Hey annie,
firstly, plz excuse me for the inactivity over the last few days. i ws hooked up into things.

Second, thnx for featuring me, again for soliciting my idea, and mostly, for implementing it.
It looks good .. the trilogy.. but i dint know u ll call it parting BLUES. im sure it was melting pot of mixed emotions, but not just sadness.

Anyway,It was really gr8 of u to have kept ur promise..
plus u never told us about ur ragging.. we could have ragged u too...!!

annie said...


Yeah,the name of trilogy seems creepy,it sounds more sad sad but it had sound parts too
Guess I was more sad about leaving my friends and home while writing