Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parting blues Trilogy – II

Gate 1 carved out an inconspicuous veil between me and my family in a spur of moment. This one mo was severe to live on but then I had to move on (long queue guys: D), life goes on.

The surdi guy gave me a boarding pass to land on lands of amrikaland .After a couple of phone calls from the plane , I winged from dilli on the back of lufthansa . The good thing about travelling form orient to occident was that it remained day all throughout the journey as I hopped on the plane early morning. It felt like I was just browsing through live Google earth from the top. Sometimes, sea seemed to dominate the skyline for miles around in all directions and then patches of knobby mountains or buildings came up with a stunning backdrop to the scene. Just then on spur of the moment, the veil of clouds blanketed everything for a while. These successions rendered an interesting natural vista worth clicking photo shots to have a sojourn in this memory lane sometime later and remember the first jaunt to USA. Egyptians just made pyramids to uphold the human bodies unscathed but Joseph Nicéphore Niépce got a better idea to come up with camera to preserve human memories unscathed in all manifestations.Its only memories which dont loose vigour and tones even after million years .

Even small sour weirdo uttapams and bitter sambhar seemed like ambrosia when groovy German damsels waited on me and asked for drinks in a genteel style. A nice movie archive with latest collection provided another option to fritter away some time when clouds shrouded the scene outside. The halts in Frankfurt and DC made the journey irksome and hotties with short knickers just covering their derrieres was the only booster for the worn out jet lagged soul. Paid Wi-fi on airport ruled the option to while away the time browsing and chatting which paved the way to start the first post of trilogy.

Meeting an Indian family on the way paved the way for the missing jigsaw of my itinerary and I was offered a drive till my seniors place in a GPS activated car with a free dinner: D. Huge roads, no traffic congestion and intelligent cars make the drive much more idyllic. The best part here is that surroundings are kept as natural as they could be while carving out whole transportation infrastructure with all natural crest and troughs on the roads.

PS: Hope to complete the trilogy by next week.

PS2: surdi -> sardar I meant; got d slang from Austin Indian community :D

PS3: Amrikaland -> got d idea from Deutschland name.


PRIncipessa said...

it was a nice read really.
U are doing justice to the trilogy !! great work ...
Plus ive started to do with ur blogs wat u told me u oft do... sit wd a dictionary and copy words...
thnx its helping me :P

annie said...


I am still working on making blogs more spicy and humorous as u do :-)

cool!! So u remember I was doing it lately