Thursday, September 20, 2007

Childhood lost and childhood regained

For some days thinking..of kinda stuff on which my blogger frds could mull over..

Finally came out with a one when I was skimming times today about the long CV of a 13 year old kid who has walked on the tightrope of circus to boiling cocoons from 3am to midnite without any breaks lest there is power cut for which he hoped.
Though he can still amaze you by sprinting in a true circus style but its his skills with the brush that this keen blossoming artist wants to show off now.
Having already found many adorers for his work he is financing the education of his two rag pickers friends also.

It’s the very transformation that very few of the million children could make out. Looking behind the lens at children who are toiling away in life with virtually no breaks, meager pay and no food and still coming out with something so innovative.
Even when we are provided with the regales of life we are still cribbin…on each and every small thing that’s not provided to us .He made a tryst with his destiny and emerged successful in his life. Why cant we excel with the mammoth opportunities which life has catered for us.


Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

hehe....bin there done that scenario...i think the only answer to ur predicament and that fits well for all of us is ...well....LAZINESS...
hope u agree!!!

annie said...

Remaining phlegm in the plastic years of ur life would have led u no where.
U have give up ur lethargy at times
to come out of predicaments i suppose.
Hope u after cracking the JEE would agree to it

Aupsy-The cOOlest One!! said...

that my friend is precisely what one would call -the tragic part of the comedy!!!
JEE tak to theek tha....but u know how it is with us now!!!!

And as for the phlegm...dont worry about it,we'll shed it off once we relenquish this place ;)