Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Inde Trip Dairies

Middle of the semester it was; no respite, assignments supposed to be finished till the end of spring break and some exams even. Sinking star of Hindu myths didn’t show any mercy nor would have the scorching heat of summers. Voila, the wedding ceremony of my sister was planned in the blooming springs of March me being summoned to Hindustan. The exhilarating climax of 2 weeks got over with a snap of fingers. Struck in a limbo, the kick of the semester brought me back.

The reel rewinds….

Packed with so much activity the trip set off the mark with the third night out (having spent 2 nights in travel already) with my friend Gogo munching original Indian cuisine from Bikaner after a long year.

Agreed boy that I had no muscle memory for bowling but still I anticipated tendons and ligaments to show some support at least. They betrayed me badly steering the whole bunch of balls in to gutter throwing Gogs in to rolls of laughter. The next flop show was a random sorry movie watch when we couldn’t get the tickets for Invictus taking our adrenaline to lowest levels boosted only by a boot of freshly brewed beer. The booz kicked in the anecdotist skills back in Gogs with him recounting each and every incident of Convo in great detail making me miss it more than ever. The flood gates were closed again only at 6 in the morning.

The fagged soul had no respite for the next four days due to incessant shopping for coming nuptial ceremonies. The fatigue of the day dissolved the jet lag so quick that I used to sleep like a baby in nights.

Different different yumm cuisines are still sitting at Nukkads (street corner) in Delhi .The outlook speaks of no renovation so forth but who cares when taste buds are happy go lucky.

Delhi is a hub of traditional wear with an immense pool to browse from. I picked Rajasthani, Bengali and Western wear but I pity them to have the fate of blooming once like a Star of Bethlehem and then sealed forever in the wardrobe.

It took 4 days to finish rather wind up as it happens to be a never ending hunt for the girls. The most hilarious part though was expending half of the time looking out for Parul’s JHUMKI (earrings).

The next few days started with the card distribution and believe me it was no easy deal when 1500 people are invited. I was wondering how we are going to manage really but then papa devised “Divide and Manage” making a troop of his friends’ sons to manage each and everything.

Small kids cry on the top of their larynx when they come at socials, so papa came up with an idea of KIDS CORNER to gratify the little ones making them feel at a gala rather.

The pack of six (friends) arrived to combat the chariots of the groom not to allow him just unleash our territory before accrediting us. (It’s an Indian tradition to cut the ribbon at the entrance and gift to sister and brother in laws ).

It was a perfect KODAK moment when the best man (me of course ihun ihun :)) escorted the bride under the shroud of fragrant roses with band beats making the moments in the ambiance. It felt like years just vaporized; the sibling I played around with was getting betrothed .And so the moment came when all the balloons kissed the sky and the garlands were exchanged. She became the wife of the man of her dreams.

The bride bade au revoir by throwing back the cereal (symbolizes wishing for prosperity back her parents home) .The awesome sense of humor of my cousin couldn’t let anyone tickle a drop of tear at the softest moment even when the hard hearted fathers cry like babies. And so the movie came to the climax ……..


PRIncipessa said...

Heartwarming... the account of the wedding.
Sad I missed it...
And annie.. So much for Gogo.... :-|

Annie said...

Pri,would have been so much for you too in case u didnt ditch :D

Anonymous said...

Amazin account of some real nice memories we shared in that one day...wish it could have been much longer....i hope this time u take care of that :P :P.....and dont say anything to pri yaaar...she is excused when it comes to ditchin on plans :P :P...she has done that on far too many occasions for it to be a surprise anymore....i wish this time around she also is with us when we meet becoz thats been due for really really long time !!!!....miss both u guys and those college moments we ve shared:(.....u listening pri :P :P