Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Parting blues Trilogy –III

GPS guided vehicle of angelic family gave me a ride me to Duval chateau. After stuffing myself with dal and paranthe, I drifted off in a long slumber. The following day commenced with the exotic Koreans where the cuisines with raw vegetables and tofu (fat less cheese) were brought to the fore and my poor rumbling stomach found it excruciatingly difficult to take it in .It was only after coke was served that I was able to finish it off.

This was followed by a drive to Baton Creek mall where seniors shopped for clothes and I took a place at the nook gazing hotties. It laid out quite an eye candy vista and temperature is inversely proportional to length of attire as foresaid by luca seemed quite relevant out here.

Everything here is oversized, huge stadiums, huge conveyance and huge stout people. It appears that they have same picks for foods too with huge pizzas and large beverage glasses .Immense blank spans give them the prospects for making malls with horizontal skylines as to vertical ones in India.

Jet lag conferred me a brief siesta after which we planned to play poker and invited some Indian junta at our place. You would be wondering if I know how to play, yeah I learned that day itself. It was a fun that I missed during last days of my Roorkee when all second floor junta was fully engrossed in to it day and night but then its good in other way that I didn’t get the worm of it as it would have deprived me of all the cycling trips and bakar sessions.

I strolled towards the campus in the night companied by a senior who showed me the civil lines of the Austin campus -Guadalupe lane where every eating joints of very kind of cuisine are available ranging from Mexican to Thai. Austin tower brought reminiscences of the ECE tower but unlike the ECE one which could never be used for any purpose other than unfurling banners in the fests, thanks to the army guys in the neighborhood; the Austin tower is home to many admin offices out here. American football stadium forms the tallest skyline among all concrete structures with a capacity of 80 K supposedly filled with deafening hoots and shouts when the season starts in October.

I was involved in clearing off the registration bars all the week with movie sessions and ice cream specials, movie nights and free pizzas seasoning the draggy routine. This week would be wounded up in adjusting in newly shifted apartment and settings all things up. I would be stuffed with the routine of classes and home works from next week onwards after this 3 month long hiatus. Again a long semester to endure.

PS: For non-roorkee junta -> civil lines is the only market just outside the college in our Roorkee.

PPS: Suggestions for the title of new post are welcome.


PRIncipessa said...

Your posts come to me like some movie shot in america... i gt the hang of living those moments actually..

keep writing more about ur experiences there...
yeah ur experience wd women as well..
which the weather forecast depp says is soon going to happen.

as for this:
shopped for clothes and I took a place at the nook gazing hotties...

u dun need to be politically correct.. u can tell all of us that u wre OGLING them wd ur jaw dropped.

akash kumar dhaka said...

well.. Thanks for mentioning my name again and again in ur posts although i am not particularly happy of the context though.
well u shud see a weather forecast before going out so that ur anticipations come real more frequently.

Ratul said...

Your posts are just so vivid and graphic. I could 'Amrikaland' sitting before my lappy. Looking forward to more such posts with lots of description of the place and the university......
Anish Sir, you are THE BEST!!!

annie said...

These folks have a top class school of business here ,so u can live these moments actaully :D
Just give it a shot

Yeah sure,I am thinking to mention about the pool in the front of my apartment in next post. :D
Hotties float there everyday to assuage from scorching heats.

But I am at a disadvantage not knowing it :(


I think the context suits u perfectly,i dont have a doubt about it :P


Thanks for visiting here and the feedback dude.

M sorry,I dont know u.
Could u tell more about yourself in the next comment

Yeah,I will keep writing about my experiences here :-)

annie said...

Any suggestions for the new post subject folks!!

Deepjyoti said...

arre likh de ...the fight for GRA and the success... waise u write well.... keep it up